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NKBPS, Dwarka, Sec-4, had declared itself as a FIT INDIA School, and has been issued this certificate...


  • The school is compliant with the terms and conditions for the safety and security of students as per the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India .
  • The school has a fleet of GPRS enabled new buses.
  • The school owns ten buses and five are hired on contract basis.
  • The School provides transport facility for the convenience of the students in different neighborhood areas which are as follows:

Rules & Regulations of School Transport

  • The bus facility is extended as a privilege and must not be claimed as a right.
  • Buses will ply on existing routes only. No request for change of route will be entertained. However, the School has the right to change/adjust routes as per norms.
  • No efforts for the safety of the students are spared, but the School will not be held responsible for any road accident in which the buses may unfortunately be involved.
  • Full session transport fees will be charged from the students using the School bus.
  • One month’s prior notice must be given before withdrawing the student from the use of the School bus facility or one month’s fee in lieu of the notice will be charged, due to change of residence.
  • Any student found to be using the School transport unauthorizedly will be charged for the full month transport fee. If the act is repeated, full session’s transport fee will be charged.
  • Under no circumstances will students be allowed to board a bus other than the one allotted, except with the prior permission of the Principal.
  • The responsibility of safe conduct of the students, at the points from where the buses pick them up and on return drop them, is of course, that of the parents/guardians