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suraksha commitee Anti Bullying Committee

Anti Bullying Committee

Chairperson : Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N Kumar, Principal

CO-ORDINATOR : Ms. Seema Aggarwal (Reporting and Communication)

Associates :

1. Ms Anjali Kharbanda , Vice Principal

2) Ms. Satinder Kaur (Head Mistress)

3) Ms. Aruni Prava Kar

4) Ms Manju Gupta (Incharge-Secondary Wing)

5) Ms. Akki Verma( Incharge-Middle wing)

6) Ms. Richa Goel (Incharge Primary-Wing)

7) School Counsellor

8) Ms. Vinita Mittal

9) Ms. Ritu

10) Ms Sarika Kalia

11) Ms. Preetima Khandelwal (Social Worker)

12) Ms. Rachna Bhatia

Parent Representatives

Junior school: 

  1. Mr. Lokesh Maan(F/o Ayaan Maan PS-F) 9717150002
  2. Mrs. P. Isha Ramakrishnana (M/o PP-A) 9811046232

Primary Wing:

  1. Dr. Seema Jain (P/o Suhani IV A)9868326045
  2. Ms. Ruchira Yadav (P/o Aarav Yadav ) 989946057

Middle  Wing:

  1. Ms. Sharmila Roy (M/o Arunima Roy VIIIB) 9868971678
  2. Mr. Apurba Saha (F/o Agneesh SahaVIIID) 9871271906

Senior Wing: 

  1. Ms. Nikita Garv (M/o Prakhar Garv X D) 9873008830
  2. Ms. Ashu Mehan (M/o Ayush X B)9818030301

Sr. Secondary

  1. Mr. V.K. Gupta (F/o Aalok XI A) 9999230301, 9873636554
  2. Ms. Poonam Singh (M/o Samridhi (XI E) 8860766023, 9873938509

Student representatives


  1. Hemank V-E
  2. TikshaV-A
  3. Arpita V-E
  4. Tanvi V-B

Middle Wing                   

  1. Kanak VIII B
  2. Prakriti VIII-B
  3. Bhavya Mishra (VIII-A)
  4. Lakshay Bansal (VIII-B)

Secondary Wing           

  1. Shreya (IX E)
  2. Garv (IX D)
  3. Vaishnavi (IX D)

Sr. Secondary Wing

  1. Aalok (XI – A)
  2. Apurva Rawal(XI A)
  3. Yashika Bansal (XI C)
  4. Samridhi(XI E)

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Organizing and sensitization against bullying for students, staff and parents.
  2. Being vigilant and observing signs of bullying among the students and responding quickly and sensitively
  3. To follow the graded response system to address the case of bullying in the school.
  4. The process of fair investigation should not be ordinarily challengeable
  5. Implementation of bullying prevention plan
  6. Proper documentation should be done monthly for all the wings, with written record of the bully child, steps undertaken and final action taken should be included.
  7. Initiate and provide Life skill education, value education, Human rights Gender sensitization, Self Esteem, Empathy, Interpersonal Communication, Coping with stress and emotions, dealing with anger and resisting peer pressure need to be conscientiously taken up in the activity periods. These can be done in the form of role plays, street theatre (nukkad natak) Group discussion, debates, social assemblies in schools, poster competitions etc.
  8. A complaint suggestion box should be installed in the school and the feedback received should be monitored by the committee members. The necessary issues may be discussed and appropriately addressed. The students are to be sensitized about human rights, democratic value, for diversity, equality and respect for privacy and dignity of others There must be a proper sensitization of community bullying and ragging through SMC meetings PTM and parent representatives in other committees of the school and their support is to be availed in bullying prevention efforts


  1. Understanding the problem
  2. Counseling the Bully
  3. Intervention of school counselor
  4. Verbal warning to be given
  5. Warning through letter addressed to parents
  6. Suspension from attending the classes/ school for specific period as per the decision of the committee.
  7. Imposition of fine up to a specific amount
  8. After three warnings (looking at the gravity of the problem) the final decision can be taken by the Head of the school and the child can be expelled in the rarest of the rare cases.