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suraksha commitee Canteen Committee


CHAIRPERSON : Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N Kumar, Principal
COORDINATOR : Ms. Rupashee  Banerjee

•    Dr Mrs .Rajee .N.Kumar
•    Mrs Rupashree Banerjee
•    Mrs .Mohita
•    Mrs. Manju Gupta
•    Mrs. Poonam Kaushik
•    Mr. M. L. Saran  (Administrative Officer)


•    Aditya              – 5th E
•    Komal Sharma  – 5th E
•    Garv                 – 9th D
•    Vaishnavi          – 9th D
•    Tanvi Purohit     – 11th F
•    Aalok Gupta     – 11th E

The members of the committee ensure that  cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the canteen. It is also ensured that the menu offered has healthy food options. Surprise visits by the teachers are undertaken to ensure the same.

Canteen committee is responsible for monitoring the operations of the canteen and implementing and reviewing the canteen policy. They may also be responsible for specific decisions as specified in the canteen policy, such as employing staff, authorising major purchases or authorising changes in the menu.

Canteen committee is a proven way to give the canteen enough autonomy to operate as a business while maintaining strong  connections to the whole school community. Some advantages of having a canteen committee are:                          

It is a forum where different views and ideas from the whole school community can be considered without disrupting the day to day management of the canteen.

It separates the direction of the canteen from the management of the canteen, giving the school community more flexibility in how the canteen operates.

The canteen committee reports to the sponsoring body (Parent Body or Principal). The canteen committee proposes major decisions on the operation of the canteen. These include long and short-term goals, policies, employment, legislation matters and finance. Recommendations are reported to the sponsoring body prior to adoption. A committee not only allows the workload to be shared as a team, but also provides a wider forum so that different views and ideas can be considered. The chairperson and treasurer of the canteen committee will liaise directly with canteen staff and volunteers on matters relating to the day-to-day management of the canteen and report matters of importance to the canteen committee.

Responsibilities checklist: Implement the canteen policy and initiate annual review of this policy. Plan, organise, control and evaluate the needs of the canteen. May employ and dismiss staff according to legislation. Provide job descriptions, work agreements and performance reviews for paid staff. Ensure a healthy and safe work environment Make sure all financial records are in order and an audit is performed at the end of each year. Present a monthly and yearly financial report to the sponsoring body. Support, encourage and acknowledge the efforts of paid and voluntary staff. Foster support for the canteen from the school community. Make decisions on the items to be sold in the canteen and approve the sale prices of new items. Establish the required profit margin and appropriate control. Produce a canteen menu and price list. Develop new ideas and activities to link the classroom with nutrition education. Monitor, and if required, upgrade the condition of the canteen’s facilities and major equipment