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suraksha commitee Disciplinary Committee


CHAIRPERSON: Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N Kumar, Principal

COORDINATOR: Ms. Manju Gupta (Incharge-Secondary Wing)


1) Ms Aruni Prava Kar 

2) Ms. Akki Verma (Incharge-Middle Wing)

3) Ms. Richa Goel (Incharge-Primary Wing)

4) Ms Seema Aggarwal

5) Ms. Rakhee Malviya(Secondary Wing) (Sr. Wing)  -Reporting and communication

6) Ms Seema Yadav (Middle Wing)

7) Ms Sushmita Bose (Junior. Wing)


1) Mr. Parveen Kumar

2) Mr. Raju

3) Mr. Manoj Kumar

4) Mr. Raghuvar

ii) CCTV Surveillance: Mr. Sachin Verma

iii) Search Team:                 

1) Ms Aruni Prava Kar

2) Ms. Akki Verma

3) Ms. Richa Goel

4) Mr. Parveen Kumar

5) Mr. Raju

6) Mr. Manoj

7) Mr. Raghuvar

There will be surprise checking of bags and other belongings of the students conducted by the respective Wing Incharge and their associates and will look for the following items etc.

  1. Any electronic Gadget or materials.
  1. Objectionable  books, documents, pictures or any other related articles.
  1. Any kind of misbehavior or any unforeseen incidents happening

 Ms. Aruni Prava Kar (XI and XII)


1) Ms.Garima Atriwal

2) Ms Seema Aggarwal

3) Mr. Sujit Kumar

Ms Manju Gupta (IX and X)


1) Mr. Sachin Verma

2) Ms  Anju Bhardwaj

3) Mr. Parveen Kumar

Ms. Akki Verma  (VI to VIII)


1) Ms. Nupur Arora

2) Ms Seema Yadav

3) Mr. Vimal Kishore Dhaundiyal

Ms. Richa Goel  (I to V)


1) Ms. Shalini Mahani

2) Ms Sushmita Bose

3) Ms. Richa Saihgal

4) Mr. Raju

The Incharges can also select students of their respective floors. A  monthly report of the search can be sent on the following Suraksha Committee mail Id. “[email protected]

The documentation of the search will be maintained in hard copy by the respective Wing Incharges.

iv) Safety walk

1) Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N Kumar (Principal)

2) Ms Anjali Kharbanda (Vice Principal)    

3) Ms. Satinder Kaur (Head Mistress)

4) Ms. Aruni Prava Kar

5) Ms Manju Gupta

6) Ms. Akki Verma

7 Ms. Richa Goel

8) Mr. M.L. Saran (Adminstrative Officer)

9) Mr. Sujit Kumar

10) Ms. Monika Raisinghani

11) Ms. Jaya Mishra– Reporting and communication

12) Mr. Sachin Verma(for videos and pictures)

The members will do regular Safety Walks  in and around the school to see vulnerable points in respect to safety and administration. Administrative Officer  will give reports to the Management and Government department.