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suraksha commitee Disaster management committee

Disaster Management

CHAIRPERSON : Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N Kumar, Principal

COORDINATOR : Mr. Sujit Kumar, Nodal Officer


  1. Ms Nupur Arora Reporting and communication
  2. Ms Richa Saihgal            (Associate Teacher)
  3. Ms. Kamini Rana            (Associate Teacher)
  4. Ms Yogita Gaur             (Associate Teacher)
  5. Mr Sachin Verma           (Associate Teacher)
  6. Ms Garima Atriwal        (Associate Teacher)
  7. Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta   (Associate Teacher)
  8. Ms. Deepa Mathew        (Medical / First Aid Teacher)
  9. Mr. Neelesh Kumar        (Helper)
  1. Mr. Vikram Singh Negi   (Helper)
  2. Ms. Lakshmi                  (Helper)
  3. Ms. Sushila                    (Helper)
  4. Mr. Rajesh Kepheri         (Parent Member)
  5. Mr. Anil Sharma             (Police Personnel)
  6. Mr. Bhardwaj                 (Fire Department)


The school Conducts  MOCK SAFETY DRILLS for fire for earthquakes.  It prepares Disaster management plan which is displayed on all the floors. The evacuation plan class wise is put in all the class room doors.

Training is given to students by making them aware of strategies and life saving actions also training them to follow evacuation path.

Monitoring Fire alarm and its functioning. Regular updating of school security check list on Directorate of Education website.